You know it's getting colder when...

A two meter python sets up residence in the shed. Planning to go into hibernation there.
The Summer has come to an end. The temperature during the day has suddenly dropped from a sunny 30 to a chilly 20. The overnight temperatures are now coming to our wood fire mark (7 degrees). The woodpile is ready, the winter clothes out of the storage.

But... back to the python.
It caused some debate. We love pythons, they are beautiful and harmless (unless you are a mouse or a possum). I would have been perfectly fine with it, if... he would have been in the mower shed, but he chose the shed right next to the house, in a spot directly behind the door. The door I use daily to put the washing up and right next to where the kids store their outside toys.
Moving him would only mean he would be back the next day.
I caved and rang WIRES, I felt like a wimp. But snakes, harmless or not, still put my heart rate up.
A volunteer turned up and bagged the snake to be let go in a forest a couple of k's away. The snake actually bit him, cranky to be moved from his nice warm spot. I felt a little less guilty after that.

I do keep the shed door closed for another week or so, just in case that large tree snake we saw on the carport the other week gets any ideas...

The accompanied pictures are from the python we had living in our roof in QLD (link).
Even if you don't like snakes, you must admit that they are pretty...

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