Three months, is he sleeping through yet?

Three months..., a quarter of a year..., survived.
I'm having a bad case of the third child syndrome. I have been warned by many mothers, during my pregnancy, that the third child is the hardest. Something in the dynamics changes and it creates chaos. Every time I smiled politely and thought by myself that it couldn't be that bad... Well it is and it isn't. It's hard work, it takes some planning getting Tim to school on time and picked up, dragging everyone in and out of the car. Getting dinner ready, while helping with Tim's homework and feeding a baby. Life goes on, so does the washing machine...
Alex is a gorgeous boy, he is happy, smiling, chatting and growing like a weed. All good, that's all you want as a mum right? Happy, healthy kids, that grow tall.
So yes all is good, he is ticking all the boxes. Some sleep though, to keep up with these three growing kids would be lovely too.

Is he sleeping through during the night? By far the most asked question. Almost, no, not really. If I would just have one feed during the night I would be soooo happy. Two or three is just to much we keep telling him. Got to grow mum.
And during the day? Still on his two hourly feeds. But I'm sticking with breastfeeding. Does he look like a calf? As long as my milk keeps up and he is growing well, he'll be getting mine.
I did slip him a spoon full of grated pear yesterday, no funny faces, just a big smile before he gobbled it all up. Our big, healthy, Australian boy.

(Photo disclaimer, any idea how hard it is to get a baby to smile for the camera? He starts to frown the moment he loses eye contact. Shooting from the hip? You end up with this:

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  1. That sounds weird, Australian boy. But I guess he truly is from the land down under. :-)

    Not sure if this is of any comfort or just scares you, but Tom kept waking us at least twice a night for 16 months.


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