The supermarket challenge, an update

You might remember that supermarket challenge I set myself a year ago?
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Well, I'm actually still going!
Milk is still the bottleneck, but I've worked out I can put 20L of milk into the fridge side-by-side on the bottom shelve. Another 2L in the door and we have enough milk for the rest of the month.
Actually quite a lot if you write it down like that, most of it is made into yoghurt, used in cooking or for the occasional cheese making. The kids have discovered Weet-Bix (an iconic Australian breakfast cereal, very high in fibre), a treat for the weekend, they help themselves to it and the milk to go with it, while we get to sleep in. Hooray!!! But takes an extra 2L of milk a month easily.
Flour (bakers, plain, rye, buckwheat) is another big item on the shopping list, when baking bread daily and all the other home baked goodies.
Oil for baking and preserving. Butter, the real deal, for sandwiches and baking. And a carton of cream for cooking and ice-cream making. Cheese for sandwiches, cooking and salads. Nuts, pulses, rice,...
And on-and-on we go. It takes a little while to work out the quantities you'll need to get you through a month, but once you run out of something, get creative. A thorough pantry and fridge clean out will probably makes you find enough food for another week. Then make a shopping list, can't be half as stressful as taking three kids into the supermarket every other day.
A relaxing, social, weekly trip to the farmers market to supplement the kitchen garden and a stop at the local butcher will keep me clear from the supermarket for another month.

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  1. Hoi Marijke, leuk om weer even bij te lezen! Succes met de supermarktchallenge. En wat is Alexander al weer groot.

    Groetjes Nienke


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