Alex, the milk monster

So first we had that nasty cold a couple of weeks ago, we survived, dreary eyed but we all made it to the weekend for some very needed sleep. My body didn't know how to cope with that luxury and developed a nasty case of mastitis. That was soon taken care of when Alex begun his 6 week growing spurt, feeding every 30 minutes day and night for four days. And boy did he grow!
We're onto a "routine" now, Alex has a feed every two hours, with one 5 hour gap during the night. It's a lot of feeds during the day, but he is growing very well, he is healthy and happy and that's what counts.
We'll probably be one of the only families that won't go camping this long Easter weekend, we'll use it to catch up on sleep and housework, both of them can do with a serious boost.

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