What a day!

Wednesday, what a day! I woke Sander from a deep sleep, he only just made on time on his bike for his first day back at work. Tim packed his new school bag and sat waiting in the car the last 15 minutes ready to go for his first day of school. He found his teacher and his new school friends at just walked away with them to his class, with a casual:"See ya Mum!". The school had kindly provided tissues, champagne (NA) and morning tea for the parents to get over the shock.
The next stop, dropping Sophie at preschool, she was a tougher nut. "I don't want to go to preschool!", even though she loves going there. "I need to look after Alex!" she worried about her little brother. I left her behind in the preschool dolly corner with the other little "mums".
Knowing it would be very quiet at home, hauntingly quiet after all those weeks of school holidays, I headed out for a coffee with a friend and her 5 week old baby.
After a quick stop at Sanders work, so he could show of his new son to his colleagues, I headed home and had a very nice sleep with Alex. And before we knew it, it was pick-up time again, afternoon tea for the hungry learners, cooking dinner, baking the bread for next day, getting the washing on the line, everybody showered and ready for bed. At seven the kids were sound asleep, at eight we followed, and all was quiet again...

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