And going down

Plot of River Height Observations

For those that wondered what happened after all that wet weather?
Many roads and the highway got closed on Friday with flash flooding. A couple of bridges collapsed or washed away. Kids did go to school and Sander to work (but got a ride into town), with a couple of detours, we all managed to get safely home in time for Tim's birthday cake.
The river peaked at "only" 6.2m on Sunday, we're starting to get a bit blasé about it after a historic 8.2m flood... Easy to say when you live on a 115m high hill and most of Grafton is protected with levees, those outside those levee walls will be mucking out their house, again... 
Starting to wonder why I even bother writing about it, every year the garden gets just about washed away, the river floods and roads become inaccessible or you have bush fires (or both). That's living in The Northern Rivers of NSW, oh wait we got flooded too in Tropical QLD and bombarded with cyclones to top it off (and don't start bring up all the snakes) (and crocs) (and stingers). That's living in Australia mate, they breed them tough.
;-)    Okay, how about sharing recipes again?  Madness cooking, two tired kids running around your legs (with screaming fire helmets, thanks sis), while you're trying to feed a three week old baby, and stirring the pot with your only free hand. I like recipes suitable for that, anyone who can share one?

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