Sewing for Sanity: crazy quilting

Well, isn't that title a contradiction???
Crazy quilting is actually very relaxing, it's a perfect way of using of all those little cut-off pieces of fabric that you gather with all those various projects. It's also a good way of using unrepairable clothes and sheets.
It's very easy, only the finished project looks a bit, well... crazy.
You pin a little piece of fabric (red) on the middle of a block of wadding pinned to the backing fabric. Round and round you go, sewing a strip on until you've covered the entire block, then just square off.
No need for further quilting, because you sew straight through the wadding and backing fabric. When I have enough blocks for a big quilt, I'll piece the blocks together with a runner in between and have a very unique quilt with heaps of good memories.

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