Home again

No matter how much I love traveling, it's good to be home, to sleep in our own beds.
Within 5minutes of coming home, the bread maker was busy making sourdough bread, the chooks counted and treated with a big bunch of silverbeet and the sprinkler on to do some damage control on the veggie garden.

Being pregnant means I've taken a step back from most physical activities, the gym, the rowing. I'm still very much enjoying the yoga, but I've got a lot of energy wanting to be used. Most of that gets used in the garden, the nursery of seedlings, building support for the beans and tomatoes, digging up potatoes, planting new trees and vines, hauling big bags of horse manure and I can't wait until the truck with my big order of cane mulch gets delivered. It's been very dry and hot this Spring, mulching is to only way to water the garden without losing it straight away to evaporation or weeds. Watering all 30 trees in the orchard with buckets is plenty of workout for me! Mornings and late afternoons are still cool enough do all of this without overheating myself. Being pregnant, I very much feel the heat during the day and spend most of it inside, great time to do some reading or sewing.

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