Into the mountains

It's quite the luxury problem: it's weekend, where shall we go? Beach, River or Mountains?
On Friday afternoon we went to our favourite spot along the Orara River, calm, pretty and very close-by, at home on time to cook up a feast for our Full Moon celebration. Saturday was pretty tame, Tim was tired and miserable, a little gardening and jobs around the house. A good day to catch up on sleep.
On Sunday, we celebrated Fathers Day with a cute little gifts and a trip into the mountains. The World Heritage listed Gibraltar Range is only an hour away, our favourite spot is Mulligans Hut, accessible by dirt road.
Pretty waterfalls, cascades and walking tracks, perfect for a lazy picnic on leftover pizza and apple-cinnamon pancakes.
Although ten degrees cooler up in the mountain, Spring has also found it's way here. Golden fields of wattle trees, a purple tulip like flower popping up everywhere in the under storey and big fat candles of banksia flowers.

 I don't know what it says about me, but I see little faces grinning at me...

Outside temp was 10 degrees, the water is pretty close to freezing. Sophie doesn't seem to care about trivial things like that, she took of her clothes and told us it was time for a swim. She did, then went back to rock hopping with Tim & Sander.

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