Happier days

We’re into our first week of the school holidays. It gives us a bit more time together, just being. Going for a walk, having picnics on the beach, meeting up with friends, playing frisbee in the garden, just laying around on a quilt in the grass. The things that are normally a bit more limited to the weekends.

Morning sickness is not very kind, why do they call it that when you feel miserable all day?
I’ve been completely of meat and coffee for the last couple of weeks, can’t stand the smell. Greasy and spicy food makes me go into hiding into the bedroom. Sander and the kids want meat? They have to cook it themselves, on the BBQ, outside, and make sure the windows are closed.
Crackers, fresh fruit, yoghurt and salads that’s me and some fish and prawns on my better days. Just very tired. With Tim & Sophie it was the same, just a couple of weeks, after that the rest of the pregnancy was a breeze. They are so worth it in the end, being so blessed with these gorgeous, happy and very funny kids.

But there are still days you just feel miserable, the day a drag. What always makes for happier days is music, a good reason to have us dancing in kitchen. We’ve got quite the collection of music, but hardly add to it anymore. The new Xavier Rudd CD came out last month, Spirit Bird. Listened to it, loved it, bought it. I can very much recommend it. The opening song Lioness Eye, gets you tapping along. Didgeridoo, kookaburra’s and percussion. What is not to love? The title song, Spirit Bird is also one of my favourites.
Having an off day and are looking for some instant happiness have a look at this one, Follow the Sun:
Filmed on Stradbroke Island (near Brisbane, QLD). It puts a smile on my face every time.

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