4 weeks and out of milk

Four weeks is as long as we lasted in our supermarket challenge. We could have gone on much longer if it wasn’t for the fact that we run out of milk, I really like a little bit of frothed milk on my coffee in the morning... And the kids really love their yogurt, you should see them in the morning when they hear the stick blender: a banana and yogurt smoothie!!! and they’ll be dancing in the kitchen!!!

It turns out that we use about 2,5L of milk a week, 1,5L of that is used for yoghurt the rest for coffees and cooking. This might increase since I’m very much looking forward to make start making cheese. Ricotta and paneer are on the agenda.

I’ve done my supermarket run, it wasn’t a whole month, I really would have liked it to be, but 4 weeks is a very good start.

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  1. Hi, saw your name over at Ivy Nest and dropped in, love your blog. I am also thinking a lot these days about food, shopping, cooking ... Loving your photos, finding they are loading very slowly on my iPad though, are they full resolution or do you shrink them first? On the other hand it might just be my iPad today ... Have a good weekend!


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