The supermarket challenge, halfway

Two weeks into my supermarket challenge, just about halfway.
So far the only thing that I’ve run out of has been salt. Salt free cooking is fine, but you really need some when you bake bread. A trip to a wonderful little organic shop I hadn’t been before fixed that up, I felt a little sad afterwards. I would love to go there more often, such a lovely lady running it, full of stories. But she sells mostly organic veggies, yoghurt, eggs and sourdough bread. I have no need for that.

The challenge is feeling good, instead of wanting to stock up, it makes me want to slim down. I’ve started using all those half empty bags of pasta, then there are those silly things that look nice but never get used and things that are starting to nudge their expiry date. It sure make an interesting menu at the moment... It’s nice having a lot of variety to choose from, the downside is that it slows down the turnover and the weevils start having 18+ parties. Nuts and grains are the worst, less variety and stocking some bulk flour in the freezer should fix that. And I’ll need a shopping list, I can hang it right next to my to-do-list and moon calendar on the fridge.

I used to work full-time as a project manager, can you tell?

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