Sugar and Spice

Hiding at the back of a shelf I found two bags of dried apricots both starting to nudge their best by date, a Google search did the trick: dried-apricot jam. The use of spices make this recipe a winner, okay so now I have 9 bottles of jam taking up the space of those two bags, but they won’t last long.

So far I’ve just used a couple of spoons with store-bought yoghurt as the starter for my own yoghurt, worked just fine for about 5 times, then the yoghurt starts to change texture and you go back to a fresh starter. Now I’ve gone pro, I bought a yoghurt starter online, just a tiny jar with bacteria’s that you keep in the freezer, the best yoghurt I’ve ever had!

Thick creamy yoghurt with apricot jam and some freshly shelled pecan nuts, it has everybody licking bowls...

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