A festive weekend

This Summer was not a great season for our Full Moon Celebrations. The sun would set too late to make dinner by moonlight, with two young kids, not very festive. That was if you could see the moon through the clouds to start with!

New season, new time, new try. And a full moon on a Saturday made it perfect for a dinner with friends.

A nice seasonly dinner with fresh beans out of the garden, pumpkin au gratin, tomato soup, freshly baked focaccia, mushrooms with blue cheese, roasted sweet potato, a cucumber salad and roasted chestnuts for dessert.
Our Easter display, instead of chocolate slowly decreasing, it would only expand. Those naughty bunnies! (with a little help of friends and neighbours)

Happy childhood memories, in the revival.

The beaches are abundant and beautiful around us, but still a 45min. drive can be a bit daunting for a quick break. I’ve been scouting for something closer, and found a little beach in a river bend, only a 10min. drive. Trees for shade and climbing, river turtles and the pretty Orara river gently meandering through. We’re in love.

You can’t have an Aussie Easter without hot cross buns, fresh from the oven.

Four days off for Easter, that’s festive, that’s a mini holiday.

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