The horses across the road, Sophie is in love...

So much to do around the house, it keeps us very busy. Thanks to my uncle Rein and my dad, Sander now knows how to handle a chainsaw. Very handy!

A full house last week. So good to meet to with family!

Tim & Sophie were very happy being spoiled with attention.

My grandma is such a sweetheart, she knits all these beautiful things for the kids so they won’t get cold this Winter!

After years of baking my own (yeasted) breads, I’m also making sourdough breads, very nice. Thanks Sanne!

My veggie garden is doing well, I have started the orchard with 20 different fruit and nut trees.
The chooks are still well, we have just added a very friendly rooster.

More pictures next time.
Although, I will spare you from pictures from the septic system that of course started to play up the day before all the family arrived...

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