Chooks and a joey.

Wallabi's, there are so many of them in the garden.

The deck, we more or less live here. But might not for long, Winter is coming and it's starting to get a lot colder in early mornings and late afternoons.
It's so quiet at night, the only thing you might here other then the crickets are the possums frolicking on the roof.

We've put up a tent in the garden for our new (10!) chooks.
Here they are safe from hawks and because they roost 1,70m of the ground,
they are very safe from foxes and wild dogs. The idea is that the chooks will compost kitchen scraps, scratch out the grass and weeds and fertilise the whole lot. So after two weeks we can move them to a new spot and have a perfect plot ready for seedlings. Very lazy gardening...

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