A weekend of hard work, but we're all settled in now. Only one "bits-'n-pieces" box remaining. We haven't really gotten around making photo's, they'll follow soon.
After almost 5 years of moving around, it's so good to have a home. Where you can unpack all the boxes and buy things for your own home, knowing you don't have to move over and over again.
There are a couple off things we would like to do, but none of them are in a hurry. The only thing we're putting a rush on is a chook pen/dome. So we're able to recycle all those kitchen scraps into compost and eggs.

The photo above shows the view from our bed in the morning. The kookaburra's and magpies do very good work as an alarm clock at 05:45. The parrots and loreekeets make themselves heard and seen in the hours after that. We have lots of kangaroos and wallaby's grazing and dozing in the garden, they're still checking us out. In the evening the possum plays peekaboo with you on the veranda and he/she cleans up all the crumbs off the floor.
Sophie started walking a couple of weeks ago. Now she can come tromping around the garden.

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