Northern Rivers NSW

It's been a crazy weather for the last 7 months, mostly very wet. We just seem to take the rain with us while being our sunny selfs...

For the last week we have been staying in Yamba, while Sander has been working in Maclean.
The Northern Rivers Area is a beautiful area, very green and a lot of outdoor activities. We would love to stay around here!

So far they haven't had any floods, but then they didn't had us... And now they do... We have been on Flood Watch for a couple of days, this morning it turned into a Flood Warning. Highways are closed, cattle has been moved and roads have started to flood. I have packed all our stuff in Yamba before the road would be cut off (hurry!). But at least Maclean will have a doctor in town. For the next days or so we'll stay in Maclean. The town should stay dry behind the levees. But we'll be cut of like so many other towns in the area. The practice has a little house behind it where we can comfortably stay and have enough food for a week and a fully stocked espresso machine.

If you would like to check what is going on:
We're in Maclean along the Clarence River, 270km south of Brisbane and 40km from Grafton.

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