This weekend we have arrived in Moree, situated close to the Queensland border about 5hours inlands from the coast. We more or less expected desert country this far inlands, but it's actually pretty green. The Mehi river is the start of a river delta network going East even further. The ground is pure black clay, it takes forever to drain. Perfect for the cotton plantations, wheat, olives and pecans.
In 1895 two Canadians, while digging for bore water, by accident flooded the whole town with hot water. Turns out Moree sits on top of a big artesian basin. A pool was quickly made to keep the town dry and has since then attracted a lot of people to have a dip in the pool of youth. 41 degrees was a bit to much for us, so we kept it with the "diluted" 38 degree bath.

We'll be in Moree for three weeks and are getting ready for the party of the month, Sophie's first birthday!!! (30th of November)

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