Bellingen Beauty

After a couple of days "camping" in the Barrington Tops we are in for a bit of a drive to Bellingen.
Bellingen was suggested to us by a friend, she thought we would love it, how right she was! This little country town is surrounded by mountains and openminded people (dressed as elves and wizzards), situated in a lush green valley which best describes itself as a rainforest in Costa Rica and then that beautiful Bellinger River and all those little waterways. None of the pictures so far do right to the real deal, but we keep trying.
(We're about 30min inlands from Coffs Harbour/Urunga if you're keen to look it up).

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  1. I was thinking of you guys today and wondering where you were and how much Sophie would've grown by now (not forgetting Tim of course!!) And now I see what a truly wonderful time you're having... and the kids... well... they are a vision of time are they not??

    Miss you. Will check in from time to time and see where you are next time round.

    Til then, from all of us xxxx


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