Holiday in Europe

21 hours in a plane with two kids? No worries, they were great! We booked a night flight and took Tim's car seat with us in the plane, brilliant!

From Frankfurt to Wildemann in the Harz. Good thing that my mom warned me to take our warmest clothes, 3 degrees is way to cold for us tropical birds! We spend a long weekend with Jan&Evelien and Jeroen&Nienke. It was a good thing the house had a sauna and a warm pool so we could warm up every once in a while. Cold or not, we all had a great time.

After Wildemann, the plan was to go camping. Uhm... We decided that we would drive south until it was at least 18 degrees. Driving through Austria (10 degrees), Switzerland (snow!), we ended up in Bercetto near Parma (Tuscany, Italy) and put up the tent. When we woke up the next morning, it started drizzling with distant thunderstorms and 10 degrees. Everything back in the car and on our way to Siena. When we arrived it was still raining so we decided to dig up the credit card and book ourselves into a hotel. Fantastic idea. Tim had an instant crush on our Italian receptionist and we on Siena! The food: aahh... (Sophie gained a whole kilo), sunshine, beautiful old city, delightful...

From there off to Lucca and another try on camping on the Italian Riviera. Like traveling into a fifties movie. Winding roads along the coast, dressed up girls on scooters, beautiful villa's with views on the azure sea.
On the camping we met a Dutch couple who said that the temperature in The Netherlands was climbing rapidly so we decided to no longer taunt my parents and go "home".

The kids must have thought they were in heaven, a grandma with balloons, three loving aunts and a grandpa with a motorbike.

While trying to get our apartment back in shape, Tim spend the day with his other grandparents in Schoonhoven. They had a great time.
We had a long delayed baby shower for Sophie with Sanders family, a very nice lunch with the great grandma and two day family feast with the Fischers (90 persons strong).

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