It is not a myth...

As you might remember, I wrote a while back that we have a big python living
in our roof. After months of not having it seen it or heard, we decided it might be a myth.
Well... it's not.

Today I was sitting in the lounge area and I kept hearing noise above me, first I thought it could be branches from the mandarine tree brushing over the roof. I checked, but the branches don't hang over enough.
But I kept hearing something. When I opened the back door with my laundry basket and I saw a huge head dangling above me! I closed the door, locked it and made sure that
nothing could come through underneath! Then I grapped the camera and ran outside through the side door to make a picture ( I can be very brave from a distance).
Sorry the quality of the picture isn't be very good, my hands were shaking a bit...

But like you can see it's not one snake, there are two snakes helping each other down. When they let themselves drop the last bit, I took off- taking Youp with me. I hope what they say is true and that carpet snakes (python is one type of them) are not interested in chooks (or me). They are not venomous and considered completely harmless to people.
But I'll still wait a bit with putting up the washing...

A couple of hours later, they are still there. Next picture is 18+, mating snakes. The chooks don't seem to impressed, they are eating, just a couple of metres away from them...


  1. Wow! They are indeed HUGE snakes. But also pretty gorgeous. Did they eventually move on or are they still around?

    1. They are still around, the girl snake lives with the neighbours, the boy one keeps his residence in our roof.
      We were the one that moved on, luckily a lot less snakes where we are now (Grafton NSW)


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