Sailing in The Whitsundays

We have been sailing with Hanneke & Hedzer for a week in The Whitsundays on a cute 35 foot boat. The dinghy made it possible to go on land without getting wet.
This was our first time on a sailing boat and we did fine, after a couple of days we were considered crew instead of passengers.

Tim needed a day to find his sea legs, a couple of scrapes and bruises were inevitable. He soon figured out that you have to keep holding on to things and to spread your legs a bit further to not topple over all the time.
This cheeky cocky gave us our wake up call in the Nara Inlet, jeez they are noisy!

From the mooring buoys in the bays we could just jump overboard with a snorkel and have a closer look at the reefs. Excellent snorkeling, I have been diving at some very nice places in the world, but this was even better. These bat fish were huge (50cm diameter), you had to jump on them to go for a swim.

We have seen and been on most of the islands, most of the islands are pretty deserted, some of them have big resorts on them. We have been into one, on Hamilton Island, which is the most "developed" to stock up our tiny fridge.
On the second last day we cought this big spanish mackerel, plenty of meat to last feed 10 people. It was delicious!
Whitehaven Beach, a perfect photo opportunity.
It was a great week, prior to our adventure we were a bit worried how Tim would handle being stuck on a boat. But he loved it, discovering all these new things and handles, having a swim and having lots to see. And if he would get tired, he would just pull his hat over his head and go for a snooze...

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  1. Wauw wat een mooie foto's! Perfect weer zo te zien en mooie omgeving. Tim is echt enorm veranderd tov vorige foto's. Zijn koppie is echt een peuterkoppie geworden. Lief!

    leuk ook om zo hanneke en hetzer weer te zien. Zien er goed uit zo!



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