Test drive

We bought a new car in Brisbane, the Lantra was getting a bit to old and we had finaly saved enough money to replace it. A Toyota Corolla it is. We love the extra (6th) gear, which makes it very fuel efficient on the highway. The engine is very quiet, so we might invest in building in cruise control...
From Brisbane we drove to Hervey Bay and stayed for a couple of days. We really wanted to go to Fraser Island, but we couldn't join any of the tours since they don't like taking small children. We took the ferry and stayed for the day in Kingfischer Bay Resort. But we're not the right breed to sit next to a pool for a whole day! We found a hiking track to Lake Mackenzie; 3,5 hours one way. A Dutch friend of us gave us a baby carrier, it was a good moment to give it a try. We bought a box of corn flakes for lunch and an extra bottle of water- of we went. A very nice hike, but tough being very hot through loose sand and sloping landscape. But we made it, the whole 14km's. The lake was exactly what we needed, nice and cool. The sand around the lake was a very fine and very white powder and the colour of the lake was the brightest blue. Very worthy to be National Heritage Site.
We caught a ride back with one of the tour busses, they couldn't refuse Tim's smile... It was a very bumpy drive with frequent lift-offs from our seats: up to 20cm!
We spend an other day on the Esplanade, having a nice stroll through town and a bit of down time with a nice espresso.

Yesterday we had a long drive back home, with a nice lunch break in Rockhampton. We can say we gave the new car a proper test drive, 1100km...

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