Down South - brrrrr

A flight to Adelaide and a pick-up by Jan & Evelien, we hire a cottage in Victor Harbour. Next day we walk to Granite Island.
At dusk we go back for more, this time with some extra layers. We spot seals and pinguins, it's cold but worth it. Tim and I both have a fever and keep each other warm.

Is it a turd? No it's a lizzard in disguise.
We have a goodbye diner in Adelaide with Jan & Evelien, they fly back and we pick up our rental car. On our 350km drive to Natimuk we see lots and lots of sheep (Merino).
and canola flowers (for vegetable oil)
Mount Aripeles, perfect for rock climbing.

so we did....
Here Sander in a grade 20
Marijke starts with a grade 14

And Tim in a B1
On the road again, we choose the scenic ones and drive through the Grampians.

Back home, Tim in his new playpen.
While we were away the Summer made it's entrance, yeez it's definitely warming up now! (30C)

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  1. Ik heb daar maar een woord voor... "Jaloers". Climbing Paradise Mt Arapiles... een droom voor elke klimmer!!!

    Alles goed met jullie?

    Mzl, Erik.


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